The Response

Below are the responses of people after listening to the first chapter of The Good Man, entitled The Desires of Our Hearts: The City of London and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.

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End-Time Prophetic…

Pastor Dawn Davis-Lawrence – Senior Pastor, New Harvest Community Church: City of God



The Good Man – A Great Read!

This is certainly a thought provoking book with significant prophetic wisdom revealing some interesting truths about the roots of modern economic strongholds. A great writing style helps guide an inquisitive reader through the thought processes which help uncover the searching for answers. In writing this way a unique understanding is gained – rather than just simply providing information. Indeed, the reader is encouraged to independently investigate their own lines of enquiry and full references are available to assist in this manner. The author shares her personal journey with warmth and encouragement which helps us relate regardless of current (or past) financial circumstances. Through profound insights experienced along the journey the reader is elevated to a position from which new perspectives can be gained. With deep roots in scripture the reader is taken on a profound journey which skilfully traverses some difficult ground but above all ends in hope.

Richard Lunn – Independent Consultant, The First Principle Group Ltd